Marie Jane

September 26, 2011 § 4 Comments

All Room 22 videos by Alexis
Pictures by Celia Spenard Ko on theroom22photography

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§ 4 Responses to Marie Jane

  • eric says:

    hows the no facebook life working out? a friend of mine told me it greatly improved his life quality

    • theroom22 says:

      ahhh you found me! i m actuall re activating it at the end of the week, it has made me significantly more free yet i need it for work purposes so back online i go! :)

  • Last Night I Dreamed

    Last night I dreamed that someone loved me
    I felt strands of her hair caress me
    as they swayed across my cheek and closed eyes
    An enveloping sigh of comfort and warmth
    infused me complete and absolute
    I sank into her soft shoulder
    Deeper and deeper
    until I was no more of this earth
    The repose of the saved
    who have run to the cliffs of distress
    Fallen and broken and needing rest
    Tired of climbing through the shards of the past
    and the surgical frauds of the rest
    Slowing to consider the end of now
    and the chance that we might meet our mistakes
    How dim and fragile the light of life
    Let go and fall into this lake
    Earthly thoughts no more
    The urge to sink overtaking the warning to stay
    How do I walk farther
    into that lengthy script, awash in pain
    Can it not just end in sleep
    without my meddling to blame
    Last night I dreamed that someone loved me
    Enveloped in the lace of her arms and thighs
    No fear, no worry, no care, no lies
    Sunk deep in her soft shoulder
    Strands of hair caress my eyes
    Last night I dreamed that someone loved me
    No pain, no danger, no desire to die
    Last night I dreamed that someone loved me
    And enveloped once more, I sighed

    The Poetry of id

    I have found this site by serendipity, looking for poets and artists. I hope you don’t mind my dropping in this piece here.

  • This is a wonderful site, and nicely done. I will follow it. I have opened a number of facebook pages, one for each book. I hope people will visit. Each of the books also have my illustrations in them, which you can see in the facebook pages. Oh! Here is a link to the Blurb site, where you can open and read the Poetry of id, if you are curious.
    (add Canada to the end of my full name if you want to search facebook for the art and poetry, and that page will link to all the rest) yourstruly, id
    thanks for organizing this page … it is the best that I’ve seen.

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