Aeon IV: Aeon of Ma’at

October 18, 2010 § 1 Comment

Aeon IV: Aeon of Ma’at


Grounded by your reflection within her, you submit. You are stripped from all your independence. You are elevated from yourself while you leave your anxieties with her. She overcomes you and abolishes your fears with her firmness. You let her teach you how to breathe. You let yourself learn. As in water, you battle your breath under hers, only to achieve balance as you swallow. Drowned within her bed, you lay far from her touch. She lays cold.You are wishing for her to wake you, to impose herself upon you; she doesn’t. You fall asleep hoping to be awoken violently under her, penetrated by her.

In your dreams, an old lover embarrasses you publicly; you are tied by restraints resembling those used in psychiatric hospitals. Your eyes are pulled open by your eyelashes. Your old lover stares at you violently imposing eyes within yours. It takes you 30 minutes to open your eyes. While you sleep you chew the inside of your cheek compulsively.

Laylah awakes for a moment and takes pictures.

You awake at noon, in sweat. Keeping your eyes closed, her smell is close; she is still sleeping.


The sun leaked onto my skin, leaking into my eyes, leaking onto my neck, still imbedded in her perfume. It was 5h30 when I left, it was cold, like the frost that inserts itself between the night and dawn, testing grounds, purifying the soil. There is no soil in NYC, only asphalt, that could not be purified even drenched in gallons of bleach, but the air was.

The air tasted like dawn, like the misty water that falls through the rays of sun. There was home. There was a destination, I had to take the train to downtown, and switch to up town to Penn. I had an hour to get there.

This is an installation of words in V parts.
Pictures by Marie Jane, in collaboration with Jimmi Francoeur, Ropes by F.Dunter, Styled by Emilie Lacourciere

Thank you Leah Melzer, for inspiring me, for encouraging me to go beyond my direct reality and embrace my subconscious within my writing. You have allowed this release, this start of an union between my urges and the embrace of my body.
You have inspired me with your work, to use words in a similar way.I have tried installing images like objects along each other into a whole to which others can relate on a sensorial level as much as through the direct meaning of things.

Thank you.

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