love letters

April 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

hey, you.
I am sitting in a hotel room right now… in ottawa of all places.
My bros from tarrananana, are down for the week. We totally bro d it up at the hot tub earlier.
okay, tangent.
what I wanna say…even though you can probably see that it is late. is.. megan, I hope, youre you can take on the whole world way of being is still running strong.
I have the most respect for you.
I feel like, you havent talked to me since I saw you last. Probably because your roomie didnt dig me. Atleast that is what I thought.

But regardless of all that… Minus that great sex we do have. minus the good drinks and times we have. You actually pop up in my brain quite often…and, i really just hope you are happy.

As much, as, I dont know how to say. As much as we are both complete weirdos??? meeting you at the end of my stay in mtl, made it all worth while.

Let me know whats going on msolomoshwartz!
You actually met someone in life that honestly cares!
always smile yes.
and ps. i have lots of money right now, so its the best time to visit if you wanna see me.

xoxo. hit me back.
love lots.
brent sweet
not proofreading.

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